Farms, People, and the Harris Freeman Foundation

As an expression of our deep commitment to improving the lives of growers in our product-sourcing regions, we established the Harris Freeman Foundation. More than a tea company, our organization focuses on addressing three critical areas:

Health and safety

Financial and developmental support for farming communities

The promotion of sustainable production practices

The foundation works with local community leaders and non-government organizations to oversee the distribution of funds and the progress of projects. Here are a few examples of the contributions made on behalf of the foundation.

CSI School in Kotagiri

Donation of funds to the CSI School in Kotagiri, which is in Nilgiris, a tea growing region of India. The school was constructed including four new classrooms and 10 desktop computers for their computer lab.

Victoria Jean Navajas Foundation

In Argentina, Harris Freeman Foundation sponsored the Victoria Jean Navajas Foundation to help provide new classrooms to the Dow De May School in San Martin de Corrientes a tea growing region in Misiones, Argentina.

Tea Nurseries

In 2013, the Harris Freeman Foundation embarked on its largest project ever. In cooperation with three industry partners the foundation built and continues to maintain a tea nursery; the primary objective is to provide both seedlings and training for 6,500 smallholder farmers.

Nguyen VietZuan Primary School

Funds donated to the Nguyen VietZuan Primary School, located in the pepper and coffee growing region in Vietnam. Resulted in an enhanced school infrastructure including a bridge and drainage system to allow children to safely get to school.

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