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Tea must be processed within hours of harvesting. Harris Tea Foodservice leverages its deep relationships with point-of-origin processors to ensure proper processing and an uninterrupted supply of tea. What’s more, we make regular onsite inspections to keep those relationships productive.


Harris Tea Foodservice partners with many distributors. To make sure our customers always have speedy, reliable access to the profitable teas and other beverages they need to be successful, we use a combination of national, regional and customer-specific distribution channels.


Our deep relationships with sources within the tea market and solid supply chain security enhance our product offering by assuring customers that we can always maintain the highest quality levels, ensure product safety, and maintain an uninterrupted stream of products.


Improving Our Products

As a tea company, the Harris Tea Foodservice R&D team has worked hard to develop tea products that deliver exceptional drinkability and profitability. Our products are also designed to minimize impact on the environment while providing maximum social value. Product Sustainability Highlights Include:

  • 99% non-GMO
  • Organic-certified ingredients
  • BRCGS audit AA rated
  • Kosher-certified

About 50% of the tea we purchase is RFA-Certified. In addition, select Harris Tea Foodservice products bear the Fairtrade International mark.

Grow with us

Through experience, relationships and innovation, Harris Tea Foodservice delivers a better and more profitable foodservice beverage experience. Our customers count on us to provide delicious, high-quality tea products consistently and reliably. Contact us to learn more about our tea brands.

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