From Field to Glass


Harris Tea fosters strong, direct buyer-grower relationships that yield a wealth of benefits to both parties - and ultimately to foodservice operators.


Our dedicated sourcing team and sourcing strategy help us maintain a continuous, high-quality supply of delicious tea blends.

Foodservice Customers

From our tea experts and proactive account managers to our customer support specialists, we help foodservice customers do more than just sell beverages.


Harris Tea Foodservice is fully committed to making tea production more sustainable, protecting the environment, improving the lives of everyone in the tea supply chain, and contributing to the betterment of society at large.

Enhance your beverage offerings with our teas

Let the experts from Harris Tea assist you with your foodservice beverage program. From consistent supply to service, from on-trend products to profitability, Harris Tea Foodservice is here to help you enhance your tea offerings.

Grow with us

Through experience, relationships and innovation, Harris Tea Foodservice delivers a better and more profitable foodservice beverage experience. Our customers count on us to provide delicious, high-quality tea products consistently and reliably. Contact us to learn more about our tea brands.

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