Harris Tea Foodservice is fully committed to making tea production more sustainable, protecting the environment, improving the lives of everyone in the tea supply chain, and contributing to the betterment of society at large. We accomplish this by:

  • Decarbonizing and reducing overall environmental impact
  • Exercising corporate social responsibility
  • Sponsoring and actively participating in sustainability-minded organizations worldwide
  • Investing in the health, happiness, and welfare of our employees
  • Constantly improving products to be more sustainably made, environmentally friendly and socially conscious

Supply Chain

Our supply chain is highly streamlined, fully integrated, carefully monitored and second-to-none. We maintain control at all touchpoints, reaching all the way back to the point of origin, and all the way forward to the moment finished products are delivered.

Through greater visibility and fewer touchpoints, our supply chain ensures that customers have a safe, continuous and highly traceable supply of tea beverages to keep their operations running smoothly.

One of the many strengths that sets Harris Tea Foodservice apart is our end-to-end supply chain visibility. This includes: growing/harvesting tea leaves, processing, bulk-packing, shipping by sea, train or truck, inspection, formatting into finished goods, tea tasting/QA, and shipping to our foodservice customers.

Controlling the supply chain—from growing to sourcing to the moment finished products are shipped—is crucial to the success of any tea enterprise. No one does it better than Harris Tea Foodservice.

Many companies buy strictly through U.S. importers, or work solely with agents. While convenient, this approach can obscure critical supply chain dynamics. Unaddressed supply chain shifts can contribute to continuity, quality and cost problems. Or they can lead to missed opportunities for saving money, improving quality, and creating new tea blends.

In contrast, we have developed strong, direct relationships with estates and factories at origin. Carefully monitored by in-field tea-sourcing experts, our integrated, streamlined supply chain is superior to the competition and provides real benefits to our foodservice customers.

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Grow with us

Through experience, relationships and innovation, Harris Tea Foodservice delivers a better and more profitable foodservice beverage experience. Our customers count on us to provide delicious, high-quality tea products consistently and reliably. Contact us to learn more about our tea brands.

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