Southern Breeze

Southern Breeze Iced Tea

Once considered a warm weather refreshment, freshly brewed iced tea is now one of the most popular drinks consumed all year long. So capitalizing on this popular beverage is an opportunity for savvy operators. Southern Breeze is available in traditional black tea as well as in popular avors: Raspberry, Peach and Tropical.

Ready Sweet Sugared Iced Tea

With an exact ratio of tea-to-sugar, our Southern sweet tea combines black tea leaves and sugar in one easy-to-brew filter pack. There’s no need to make a simple syrup as this mixture creates a consistent, delicious fresh brewed sweet tea in three-gallon batches. Uses a deep capacity brew basket in most commercial brewers.

Ready Sweet Flavor Paks

These patent-pending Paks provide an efficient way to flavor three gallons of iced tea (unsweetened or sweet) or lemonade. They can be used with any iced tea filter bag in a standard brewing machine. Available in three popular tea flavors - Raspberry, Peach and Tropical.

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